Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter fun!!

WAHOOOO!!!! I love holidays-they are so much fun! A favorite tradition of my family was Easter morning when we would gather into my parents bedroom and obtain little baggies filled with a puzzle. On that puzzle was the first clue of many for a scavenger hunt for our easter baskets. We would run clue to clue sprinting across the room, searching for the next until we found our easter basket filled with little presents, and candy. It was so much fun! I wanted to continue the tradition for our little family. 

So the following pictures are of David's adventure to find his easter basket :) 

 His first clue was cut up like a puzzle...I made it extra hard because he enjoys a challenge. 

He literally sprinted to his music room to find the second clue :) 

A little puzzled...

My favorite clue...where you play your ipod the most...

haha-he didn't think it was as funny as I did, but he did chuckle a bit :) 

After a hurried and fun hunt-David finally found his basket and was happy for a homework break. I had a blast making the clues and hiding them and I am thrilled that he enjoyed it just as much as I did. 

Happy Easter everyone!  

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