Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dutch oven cooking

Dutch oven cooking, a mystery until tonight. What an adventure! This past Tuesday, I went to Young Womens (a youth group put on by my church) and they were going over the final plans for the Ward Dutch Oven Cook-off for today. Slightly embarrassed and puzzled, I just smiled and looked excited then once I got home I searched it via google and entered into a whole new world (I just thought of Aladin...) But seriously-there are some intense dutch oven cookers-I would suggest you google it as well and see for yourself.

Tonight, while googling gave me a pretty good idea of what I was in for-I experienced it on my own. After some initial laughter from the other adults, we got started and I helped with the potatoes.

Before I go on, I would like to just let everyone know that I currently live in Rexburg, Idaho. The land of college students, potatoe farms and big trucks. I have graduated (yes mom and dad, I actually did graduate) from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in Communication and LOVE it! While I may not be using my degree to its fullest, I am loving my full time job as a teller and enjoy life so much! I have the greatest husband ever and we have a turtle (toothless) and his fish friend (meaty.) While I work, David is slaving away at school and work as well. I am so grateful for him and for all he does for us. Since we've been here-I have come to realize that while I may not have been a sheltered child, I am not fully aware and someone ignorant to the farmer/cowboy ways. (like dutch oven cooking) So needless to say-I have had my eyes opened many times to new and fun ways of the west.

Moving on...sorry about my little rant/life story/update, but seriously-it was so cool, I was asked to slice the potatoes previously for the event, and with my wonderful food processor I was able to get it all done in a matter of minutes. So I perfectly sliced these MASSIVE potatoes for the event. So I get to the cookoff and we start making these potatoes with bacon, onions, tons of different spices and they turned off incredible.

Not only did we do potatoes, but we had cakes, chicken, baked beans and a variety of other foods all made from these little dutch ovens! It seriously was incredible and it was such a party. Now that I have been sufficently filled and smell like delicious smoke and meat (the hubby loves it-haha) I have been on the look out of how I can purchase a dutch oven and where I can start making delicious meals from the backyard. I love learning new things!

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