Friday, July 1, 2011

we had a it's a double woof

I know it's not woof wednesday, but a few of these top the cake, and I can't hold them in anymore. Here are some top 'woof' moments from these past few weeks!

I'm on a flag football team and while running for a touchdown this girl tried to grab my flags from around my waist and ended up pulling down my shorts-thank goodness for spandex-it could have gotten a little awkward...I also have a huge scrape on my knee-it's pretty gnarly and I'm pretty proud of it. (i might have slide tackled a girl to get it)

I did the worst thing ever a few days ago...long story short I'm still learning about the rodeo, farming and cowboy stuff in general. Last week this guy came in with this HUGE belt buckle on-i mean i've eaten off plates smaller than it-well, he said that he won the buckle in a roping competition-and I then asked him "oh, do you rope sheep or cows?" please remember that in ohio we don't have rodeos and i've seen minimal bull riding on tv-that's it. My first rodeo was last summer and there were people roping these MONSTROUS sheep and also baby cows-how was I supposed to know that people don't normally do that?! The guy looked at me like I was stupid and everyone in the bank (customers and workers) started laughing so loud-a few people gave me a pity speech about how rodeos work...I now know that in rodeos you don't: rope chickens, pigs, dogs or sheep. you don't have team bull riding, and you don't have trick bull riding-you just ride it normal. Have I lived this moment down? no-I don't think I ever will. 

Fiesta friday at work: A little background before hand...Fiesta Friday is when 3 local companies who bank with us have their payday. Well, many of the workers are hispanic and since I am the only bilingual teller, most of them wait for me. So...back to the story-there is this gentleman who is the most adorable old hispanic man you will ever meet. Picture this-he's about 80 years old, about 5 foot (he slouches) has the biggest 4 tooth smile you've ever seen and comes in with the most RIDICULOUS outfits every time. Today he wore dark blue booty shorts, cowboy boots, a bright neon yellow staff shirt, a scarf and a cowboy hat-love him. Today he asked me to go back to mexico with him-I would have the opportunity to meet his 2 women and I could also live with them-hahahaha. He seriously makes my day. 

not a woof [Best news ever-COCONUT TWIX!!!! Best invention since chocolate chip cookies]

Today an old man asked if I could escort him to this city social at his country club. I politely declined, but offered Sally, the teller next to me. She said maybe-but only if she could bring her husband. :)

all in all, there have been a few good 'woof' moments...more to come, oh believe me, they happen every day.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

oh life....

Wow!!! Life has gotten SO BUSY!!! I never thought I could be busier than when I was in school, but these past few weeks have topped the cake! Well, instead of having one long post, I'm going to have a few medium ones-haha, we'll see how things go....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Caramelized pineapple french toast

On Sunday David wasn't feeling too hot, so I decided to make a combination of his favorite foods: pineapple and french toast. I went searching in our pantry for some different things, and voila! I came up with a scrumptious variation of french toast that we will continue to make for years to come! 

Caramelized Pineapple French Toast

French toast batter

4 eggs
1 tsp cinnamon
3 Tb milk
1 tsp honey

Mix all of them together and refrigerate until you are ready to dip and fry! You can use any kind of bread, we used a 9 grain honey oat that worked great! 

Caramel topping

2 cups fresh pineapple 
3 Tb honey
2 Tb white sugar
4 Tb brown sugar
2 Tb butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 Tb cream (or half and half) 

On the stove top add the butter, honey and pineapple and let it get warm. Once it starts bubbling, add the sugars, vanilla and cream-stir constantly and don't let it burn. It will boil and turn a light brown and smell delicious!!! Turn down the heat and let it simmer-it will get really gooey and when your french toast is ready-just add it to the top!! It is a wonderful-citrus and caramely twist to a classic breakfast meal. Enjoy! 


Seriously, I'm in love with the word 'woof.' It can describe anything and anyone will know what you mean once you say it. Earlier I described outfits of others, or groups of people, for example....

david: did you see what that girl was wearing?
me: no, where at?
david: over there...'points'
me: oh, woof.

david: ughhhh I have a ton of homework tonight
me: woof.
david: seriously

get the point? Well, I find myself slipping it into every day conversation, such as work today. (I work at a bank btw) After a very tiring morning, I get a 5 min break and this lady who is notorious for being difficult and rude comes up and throws me this 6 way transaction and has specific details and then just leaves. as she walks away, i just mumble, "woof." my coworker started laughing so hard, and was like "did you really just say woof?" and replied, yes-I felt that it was the only word that could actually describe the current situation." :)

So now, as you go along your day, and have those moments where nothing can describe it. Try 'woof' I promise that it will make everything better-and fit any frustrating experience.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pork and broccoli

I forgot to take the picture before David started eating...the portions were bigger and the presentation was cleaner as well. haha

The other day David and I were at the store and got a GREAT deal on chicken and pork. Needless to say, I started thinking of different ways to make a fast and simple dish  (but still have it be delicious) out of something so common. On Thursday we were pressed for time and so I literally thew some ingredients together and it ended up being a new favorite of David's! While David loves food, it is sometimes a difficult feat to have him say, "we should have this again sometime soon." So when he said that about this dish, I knew I had a success!

Please remember that I made this on the fly from some basic ingredients from the pantry-and so I wasn't too concerned with measurements...feel free to add or subtract any amount if you feel it would be too overpowering for your liking.

Orange Pork with Broccoli

1/4 cup onion
1 tsp. minced garlic
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
2 tsp parsley
3 Tbs white wine vinegar 
1 tsp yellow mustard (can use a dijon if you want)
2 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 tsp orange zest
juice of 1/2 of a large orange
2 pork chops

I sauteed the onions in a pan, and while I was doing that, I added the rest of the ingredients together and let the pork marinade for about 5 min. I then took out the pork and put it  into the pan to sear it and get a good golden brown color-After searing both sides of the pork, I then added the marinade and let it simmer briefly. I then added 1 cup of water to the whole mixture and then covered the pan and let it simmer/cook for about 10-15 min until the pork was cooked through. 

After the pork is done, add the broccoli into the juice to cook for about 5 min or until bright green. Take out of the pan and serve! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toothless turns one!


So today, Toothless turned 1. David got him for me last Mother's day, and we decided that he needed to have a proper birthday with an added celebration. Today, Toothless got extra food, sang to, his cage cleaned, and Meaty was nice to him all day. (Meaty is Toothless' pet/bff. He was supposed to be food, but Toothless wanted him as a pet instead) And at the end of the day, Toothless said that he wanted us to go out and celebrate so we did. :) We tried out the new Mandarin Chinese restaurant in town and it was actually quite good! (I'll talk about that later)

We stopped off at Walmart and David decided to surprise Toothless with a football and fitted gloves! He even said that I could use them at my football games! (what a great turtle!) We then ended the night with delicious snow cones from the Snow Shack, what a treat! When we came home, Toothless was just overwhelmed with all of his presents and surprises. We both sang him happy birthday and made sure that Toothless was settled for the night. Since he had such a big day, he wanted to retire to bed early.

David and I are just so grateful for Toothless-he has brought us so much joy over this last year and we are excited to spend many more with him! Happy birthday little guy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yay for today!!!

No pictures today. Why you may ask? Well, it's because my gut is the size of a 15 pound watermelon. Today was delightful-started early with sending my little sister Jana off back to Provo, and then sent David off to work. I had about 20 min to myself and just sit and ponder. It was the best 20 min of the day. Until I forgot that I hadn't packed my lunch yet-so I rushed and did that and literally sprinted out to my car for work. (the neighbor was laughing at me the whole time because I forgot something in the house and I stalled the car trying to keep it running and go up really fast.) But was great. I'm almost done with training at the bank and I am super excited to start being an official tell for real. I mean playing with fake money is great and all, but I need more interaction with people throughout the day!

Side note: Today I was trained by Robin, she is a delightful woman with a lot of experience under her belt. She is kind and warmhearted and I want to be more like her. She greeted me with a warm smile and a hug and said "welcome to the bank! I'm sorry I wasn't here last week, but let's get started..." I instantly felt at home and calm. We talked throughout the day, reviewed what I had been learning all last week and she was just wonderful. When I had questions, she made me feel smart for asking 'the right ones' and if I ever made a mistake she would say, oh it took me years to really figure these things out! I found out that we were 'soul sistas' because we had similar wedding rings, and taste in clothes (she like to wear black, gray...and sometimes color, haha like me!) She took time to get to know me and my family and even invited me to go to her house for dinner sometime soon-it was just nice to feel special and not just the 'trainee' Oh how I adore Robin, and I am so grateful for her today.

Ok, back on was great, I got off work early and headed straight home, picked up David and we went to the TEMPLE!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!! Oh how I love the Temple and its peaceful power. You enter and whatever problems you had that day just melt away, and you instantly feel at home. Nothing can beat the feeling of being in the Temple with your hubby-knowing that you both are doing what is right. Well, also tonight our dear friends Lindsay and Devon were getting out their endowments for their wedding on Friday! So excited for that too! Wahoo! :) Well, after a glorious session David suggested that we go to Craigos. (ok, it went more like....

me: I feel gaunt
david: well what do you want to eat?
me: doesn't matter
david: no really, what do you want?
me: seroiusly, doesn't matter, I"ll have whatever tonight
david: what do you want
me: ok, PIZZA!!!!
david: so do you want craigos, dominos, little cesars, pizza hut...
me: doesn't matter
david; mandy just tell me
me: no you pick, i picked what kind of food
david: about little cesars...
me: uhhhh maybe not...
david: then what do you want?
me: craigos? maybe?
david: I could do craigos
david: why didn't you just tell me in the first place?
me: mumble mumble mumble
david: what was that? I can't hear you?
me: doesn't matter, we're getting PIZZA!!!!

If any of you were wondering if that's how we did dinner every night, it is. haha doesn't always end up being craigos, but switch in different foods and that's pretty much how it is daily. haha-you'd think I'd learn.

Ok, so now you all know-after an all you can eat pizza buffet including dessert pizza (ooo I love orero!) I am sufficiently stuffed for the next 2 days and want to go work out but know if I move, I'll regret it later.  So I'm committing to work out tomorrow, and if I don't...well, I 'll have David think of a punishment. Overall, life is good and I couldn't be happier :)