Monday, May 16, 2011


Seriously, I'm in love with the word 'woof.' It can describe anything and anyone will know what you mean once you say it. Earlier I described outfits of others, or groups of people, for example....

david: did you see what that girl was wearing?
me: no, where at?
david: over there...'points'
me: oh, woof.

david: ughhhh I have a ton of homework tonight
me: woof.
david: seriously

get the point? Well, I find myself slipping it into every day conversation, such as work today. (I work at a bank btw) After a very tiring morning, I get a 5 min break and this lady who is notorious for being difficult and rude comes up and throws me this 6 way transaction and has specific details and then just leaves. as she walks away, i just mumble, "woof." my coworker started laughing so hard, and was like "did you really just say woof?" and replied, yes-I felt that it was the only word that could actually describe the current situation." :)

So now, as you go along your day, and have those moments where nothing can describe it. Try 'woof' I promise that it will make everything better-and fit any frustrating experience.

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