Friday, July 1, 2011

we had a it's a double woof

I know it's not woof wednesday, but a few of these top the cake, and I can't hold them in anymore. Here are some top 'woof' moments from these past few weeks!

I'm on a flag football team and while running for a touchdown this girl tried to grab my flags from around my waist and ended up pulling down my shorts-thank goodness for spandex-it could have gotten a little awkward...I also have a huge scrape on my knee-it's pretty gnarly and I'm pretty proud of it. (i might have slide tackled a girl to get it)

I did the worst thing ever a few days ago...long story short I'm still learning about the rodeo, farming and cowboy stuff in general. Last week this guy came in with this HUGE belt buckle on-i mean i've eaten off plates smaller than it-well, he said that he won the buckle in a roping competition-and I then asked him "oh, do you rope sheep or cows?" please remember that in ohio we don't have rodeos and i've seen minimal bull riding on tv-that's it. My first rodeo was last summer and there were people roping these MONSTROUS sheep and also baby cows-how was I supposed to know that people don't normally do that?! The guy looked at me like I was stupid and everyone in the bank (customers and workers) started laughing so loud-a few people gave me a pity speech about how rodeos work...I now know that in rodeos you don't: rope chickens, pigs, dogs or sheep. you don't have team bull riding, and you don't have trick bull riding-you just ride it normal. Have I lived this moment down? no-I don't think I ever will. 

Fiesta friday at work: A little background before hand...Fiesta Friday is when 3 local companies who bank with us have their payday. Well, many of the workers are hispanic and since I am the only bilingual teller, most of them wait for me. So...back to the story-there is this gentleman who is the most adorable old hispanic man you will ever meet. Picture this-he's about 80 years old, about 5 foot (he slouches) has the biggest 4 tooth smile you've ever seen and comes in with the most RIDICULOUS outfits every time. Today he wore dark blue booty shorts, cowboy boots, a bright neon yellow staff shirt, a scarf and a cowboy hat-love him. Today he asked me to go back to mexico with him-I would have the opportunity to meet his 2 women and I could also live with them-hahahaha. He seriously makes my day. 

not a woof [Best news ever-COCONUT TWIX!!!! Best invention since chocolate chip cookies]

Today an old man asked if I could escort him to this city social at his country club. I politely declined, but offered Sally, the teller next to me. She said maybe-but only if she could bring her husband. :)

all in all, there have been a few good 'woof' moments...more to come, oh believe me, they happen every day.

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  1. I can just picture the cute little look on your face in every one of these situations. You're adorable.