Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toothless turns one!


So today, Toothless turned 1. David got him for me last Mother's day, and we decided that he needed to have a proper birthday with an added celebration. Today, Toothless got extra food, sang to, his cage cleaned, and Meaty was nice to him all day. (Meaty is Toothless' pet/bff. He was supposed to be food, but Toothless wanted him as a pet instead) And at the end of the day, Toothless said that he wanted us to go out and celebrate so we did. :) We tried out the new Mandarin Chinese restaurant in town and it was actually quite good! (I'll talk about that later)

We stopped off at Walmart and David decided to surprise Toothless with a football and fitted gloves! He even said that I could use them at my football games! (what a great turtle!) We then ended the night with delicious snow cones from the Snow Shack, what a treat! When we came home, Toothless was just overwhelmed with all of his presents and surprises. We both sang him happy birthday and made sure that Toothless was settled for the night. Since he had such a big day, he wanted to retire to bed early.

David and I are just so grateful for Toothless-he has brought us so much joy over this last year and we are excited to spend many more with him! Happy birthday little guy!

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